12 Reasons We Need Cloud Storage (Infographic)

For my first crack at creating an infographic from scratch (although I did use emoji), I decided to show why we need cloud storage.  Originally, I was going to type up a lengthy post devoted to the topic but I figured this is the type of information that would best be received as a graphic.(…)

Could We Ditch Smartphones and Make Smart Watches Students’ New BFF?

As a student, I am appreciative of all the technologies, which I have an opportunity to take advantage. Those technologies that aid in assisting me with schoolwork, but more importantly, those technologies that makes college life in general overall just more convenient.  Inventions like the microwave and Starbucks coffee have given me the opportunity to(…)

Nice to Tweet You (An Introduction to Twitter for Educators – Part 4): Using Twitter to Follow Specific Subject Matter

In our last Twitter for Educators post, you learned about some of the apps and applications that are available. Today, we’re going to help you find the information that is important to you. This is one of the best reasons for educators to use Twitter–to have news and information from their fields of interest delivered(…)